"She hit 'record' and she never stopped"

Matt Wolf's 2019 film RECORDER: The Marion Stokes Project is a hymn to the fear of misinformation. Stokes started recording the 24-hour news cycle on VHS cassettes in 1979, fearing that the US public was not getting the 'whole story' on the Iranian Hostage Crisis unfolding that year. Issues that sparked Stokes' four-decade-long taping spree--ideology-inflected storytelling, biased reporting, fragmentation and over-simplification of issues--will undergird our discussions in Visual Literacy.

Artist and film programmer Hind Mezaina @the_culturist will be screening RECORDER at The Theatre in Mall of the Emirates on 17 October at 7.30pm. I'll be joining her for a discussion of the film and the issues it raises after the screening. Please join us. You can buy tickets and automatically register for the discussion here: