Danger and the "other"

In June and July 2020, as the UK was in the throes of lockdown, the mainstream media framed intensified restrictions alongside ethnic minorities. (In Leicester, where these photos were taken, Muslims represent 19% of the population.) This charged imagery was also accompanied by textual finger-pointing, namely Ramadan gatherings as drivers of contagion, and purporting false claims of importation of the virus from Pakistan. Since removed, these images, at the time, were used by the BBC, Sky News, The Independent, The Guardian, ITV and other outlets. OK, perhaps there was a lack of images to illustrate 'Leicester lockdown,' but I would argue that nothing was random about the photo editing choice.

Thanks to @miqdaad Miqdaad Versi, the media spokesperson @muslimcouncil. Follow him on Twitter for more media watchdogging.